Community Centre Máj

České Budějovice, Czech Republic. The galleries and other spaces around the perimeter of the building as an interspace that opens up the community centre program to the surrounding neighborhood, while allowing the public to enter the building on all floors and extending the new market plaza up to the playground on the roof.

Competition 1st prize

CEZAAR 2015 Architecture Award

Nomination for EU Mies van der Rohe Award 2017

Finalist Czech Architecture Award 2017

Urban planning international competition, 1st Prize

SLLA won an international large-scale urban planning competition, more information will be updated soon

Exhibition Czech and Slovak Architecture 1918-2023

Project Community Center Máj is part of the largest retrospective exhibition of Czech and Slovak Architecture 1918-2023 at Prague Castle in 2023 and Bratislava Castle from December 15th 2023 until May 2024.

Artcampus for Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava

New Technology Centre with Wood Processing Center, Metal Processing Center, Design Centre, 3D Print, Sierography, Textile Processing Centre, Photography Centre, Audiovisual Centre, Laboratory of the Department of Restoration. New Accommodation with Catering facilities, Teaching Studio and Lecture Pavilion in complex of Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in connection with the existing building from the 80s.

Competition 1st Prize, Project in process

Nový Bulvár

Regeneration of Anton Bernolák Street, one of the main streets in the city of Žilina. In cooperation with the landscape office Atelier Divo.

Competition 1st Prize, Project in process

Siemensäcker, Vienna, Austria

International urban planning competition, 1st Prize. An overall landscape strategy introducing strips of landscape on several locations, strategic site 84 ha, project site 30 ha.

Masterplan Siemensäcker, project site 8 ha, 85.000 m², GFA 120.000 m², Client: City of Vienna MA21, Program: public housing 1200 units, amenities, schools, kindergartens, central park, car-free zone, the "urban kilometre" connects the active areas on the ground floor in order to create vibrant urban quarter. Interdisciplinary collaborating planning process, Partners: ABP, Madrid / DnD Landschaftsplanung, Vienna / Idealice Landschaftsplanung, Vienna / Soyka-Silber-Soyka Architekten, Vienna / ss plus Architektur, Vienna / Rosinak & Partner, Vienna / STUDIOVLAY, Vienna

Competition 1st Prize, Completed 2021

Vouziers, France

Brouillard Blanc, the Czech and Slovak garden within the project Gardens of Peace, initiated by Arts & Jardins, Hauts-de-France and the World War I Centenary Partnership Programme consisted in the creation of fifteen gardens on the theme of peace. This new memorial site pays tribute to the countless deaths of Czech and Slovak soldiers on French soil between 1914 and 1918 and bears witness to the number and diversity of countries involved in this conflict.

Competition 1st Prize, Completed 2022

Kamence Housing

The three apartment buildings are the first stage of the planned residential zone at the interface of the existing city, settlement, family houses, the city center and the biocorridor of the river. The Masterplan is based on the assumption of the gradual implementation of individual stages as separate projects organized into strips defined by streets with entrances, common areas, amenities and economical parking solutions. Green corridors are part of each strip, they connect the embankment with the existing part of the city, so that the new development is not a barrier between the city and the river, but a connecting element.

Competition 1st Prize, Completed

CEZAAR 2021 Architecture Award

Masterplan Kamence

Living by the river, the bank of the river with its high-quality greenery is connected to the city by green corridors between the planned buildings, green spaces without cars offer a wide range of situations and activities for new and current residents so that the new development is not a barrier between the city and the river, but a connecting element. It is important that the new neighborhood is an environment that meets the individual demands of the various residents, there are different types of houses, apartments, different sizes, different types of gardens, loggias and balconies, different character of public spaces. The new zone includes 26 apartment buildings with 540 to 720 apartments, retail, kindergarten, sport center. 10/2023, 9 construction stages are completed.

Competition 1st Prize, Completed + In process

Boarding High School, Kenya

The main skeleton of the entire campus of the school for 120 students is a covered veranda, which begins with the entrance area with the administrative block, passes through the dining hall courtyard, the school yard with 4 classrooms and a laboratory, the courtyard of the girls' dormitory, the courtyard of the boys' dormitory, continues to the school playground and the farm on the shore of Lake Victoria

Completed 2017

Dom pod Poľanou, House under Poľana

Living in a tower in the beautiful countryside, Central Slovakia

Project in process

Community centers, Senegal

System for the implementation of 43 community centers with different scales and functions throughout the territory of Senegal

Amphitheater on the shore of Lake Victoria, Kenya

Amphitheater for 3000 visitors to the multicultural festival held every December on Rusinga Island, including conference facilities, workshops, a botanical garden, a gallery, accommodation such as traditional Suba houses, with floating stage platforms on the lake.

Project in process

Kollárovo námestie, Bratislava

Regeneration of the square in the center of Bratislava and a multifunctional building

Two-round competition, 3th prize

Safer Cities

Series of urban design workshops in Bratislava, Nairobi and Madrid in cooperation with UN Habitat’s Safer Cities Programme, Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak University of Technology Bratislava, Centre of Urban Studies JKUAT Nairobi, ETSAM Madrid and CO ́LOKO Madrid.


Two-stage competition for the architectural urban solution of military barracks for European Capital of Culture 2013.

Competition 2nd Prize

Library, České Budějovice

Extension of the South Bohemian Science Library, České Budějovice, In cooperation with ISUURU arquitectos

Housing and Public Space El Raval, Barcelona

Competition, Awarded by the Consejo Superior de los Colegios de Arquitectos de Espana Pérez Piñero Prize, Congress of Union Internationale des Architectes

Duxton Plain Housing

High-density public housing next to the business district in Singapore.

Competition 2001