27 Nov.2017

Community Center Máj

Finalist of Czech Architecture Award 2017

From the final report of the jury: "From 249 projects we visited eighteen, we selected six final projects of exceptional quality, two projects were really excellent and the discussion was excited, but we eventually opted for the winner. The design of the Máj community center (in the housing estate of the same name) is a convincing and significant contribution to tackling urgent social problems related to suburban localities, a strong building design and a transparent architecture that positively contributes to the lack of social cohesion between people from different environments.


Kamence KNM, 600 Residential Units Development

Masterplan Approved

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New office comming soon

22.10.2017 Helsinki

Siemensäcker Project Presentation on Europan Forum Cities and Juries

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Kamence KNM, 600 Residential Units Development, Competition

1st Prize, Masterplan and Pilot Project In Process

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21.10.2017 Graz / 22.11.2017 Helsinki

Miriam Liskova, Jury Europan 14 Productive Cities


Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovakia, 600 residential units development with kindergarten, retail area, playgrounds and sports fields, green strips connecting city and river biocoridor

Competition 1st Prize

Masterplan Approved

First phase Project in Process

Siemensäcker B3

Construction 2018-2019

Vienna, Austria. Public Housing, four buildings, 6- and 3-storey, 90 apartments, community facilities, 64 parking spaces.

South Bohemian Research Library

Ceske Budejovice. Remodelation and extension of the existing building of the Workers' Revolutionary Movement Museum for the South Bohemian Research Library increasing the capacity for free selection by 130000 volumes. With Isuuru.


Urban Masterplan, Construction 2018-2019

Vienna, Austria, 8 ha, 120.000 m2 FA, public housing 1200 units, amenities, schools, kindergartens, clubs, shops, playgrounds, sports fields, central park,car-free, public, semi-public, semi-private, private open spaces: access street, green perimeter, urban streets, squares, green park, cross passages, courtyards, gardens

Cooperative planning process.

SLLA Architects, Architects, Bratislava / Arenas Basabe Palacios, Architects, Madrid / DnD Landschaftsplanung, Lanscape architects, Vienna / Idealice Landschaftsplanung, Lanscape architects, Vienna / Soyka-Silber-Soyka Architekten, Architects, Vienna / ss plus Architektur, Architects, Vienna / Rosinak & Partner, Verkehrsplanung, Mobility, Vienna / Susanne Fabian, Walter Sturm, MA 21, Municipality, Vienna / Andrea Steiner, Sozialbau AG, Wien / Bernd Vlay, Europan Austria, Coordination / Franz Cizek, Ferdinand Lesmeister, Bezirksvertretung 21. Bezirk / Christoph Chorherr/Bernhard Steger, Geschäfftsgruppe Stadtentwicklung / Thomas Spritzendorfer, MA 21 / Georgine Zabrana, Planungsdirektion / Gerhard Vogler, MA 46 / Günter Reschreiter, MA 28 / Wilhelm Zechner, Sozialbau AG


Vienna, Austria. Strategic site 84 ha, Project sites 6,7/11,7/8,4 ha. An overall landscape strategy introducing strips of landscape on several locations.

Competition 1st Prize

Mobilising Response

Proposal for the Pavilion of Czech Republik and Slovak Republic.

Despite economic growth in our countrry there are still many issues that require urgent action: catastrphophic living conditions of the underprivileged and ethinc groups, regional disparities, poverty among young and elderly people living in under-developed areas with poor social and technical infrastructure. It is already clear that even the availability of public resources does not produce desired results in terms of sufficient number and quality of architectural projects responding effectively to all these problems. Along with mobilising civil society it is therefore necessary to mobilise also good architectural and urban responses.

SLLA + co-loko + Katarína Smatanová


Biennale di Venezia 2016 15th International Architecture Exhibition

Finalist and other projects

Mobilising Response.pdf short

Community Center Máj

České Budějovice, Czech Republic. Galleries and other spaces on the perimeter of the building works as an interspace, which opens the community center program to the neighborhood, while allowing public space to enter the building on all floors and extend the new market square up to the playground on the roof.


1st Prize


CEZAAR 2015 Architecture Award


Award ceremony

Nomination for EU Mies van der Rohe Award 2017

Nomination for Grand Prix Architektu 2015


Nomination for Piranesi Award 2015

Nomination for ARCH Award 2016










Yearbook of the Czech Architecture

Yearbook of the Slovak Architecture

Creative Europe


ASB-portal CZ

Hospodárske noviny SK

Hospodářské noviny CZ


Urban Safety Workshops

Bratislava Madrid Nairobi

SLLA + co-loko + FASTU Bratislava + JKUAT Nairobi + ETSA Madrid + UN Habitat

International workshop in advanced urban design, focused in urban safety as starting point to a holistic, integrated and multi-level approach to a contemporary urban enviroment, a multi-sectorial tool to improve the livability of cities and quality of life for all urban residents, predicated on the confidence that good urban governance, planning and management improve the safety of neighborhoods.

FASTU Bratislava

JKUAT Nairobi

ETSA Madrid

Safer Cities Programme

Lake House with Atelier

House Completed

House + Atelier


In Construction

Ivica Markovičová

Marián Keleši

M4 House

Bratislava. Family house on a small plot with the views of the Castle and Slavin and a swimming pool on the roof.

In Construction

Nursery in the orchard.

Selce. Nursery in the orchard. Gym, nursery and after school facilities around the school meadow.

Competition 2nd Prize

Boarding High School

Rusinga Island, Kenya. The program of the boarding high school is organised in buildings with a covered veranda around courtyards along the main covered walkway from the entry area in the north with the administration block, dining courtyard, school courtyard, girls hostel courtyard, boys hostel courtyard in the south continuing to the sport field and the school farm on the lakeside.

Buildings orientation is designed, according to this latitude, to provide optimized solar protection, effective ventilation and efficient solar collection from cells located on the roof.

Moreover, educational areas roof sections are designed to introduce natural light directly from above -without increasing inner temperature-, decreasing the use of electrical light and childrens eyes effort.

Toilets are designed to save water and produce biogas, witch will be used to cook.

Boarding High School for 120 Students, School (Classes, Laboratory, Teachers rooms) 465m2, Administration block 112m2, Girls Hostel 367m2, Boys Hostel 367m2, Dinning area with kitchen 611m2, Workshop 69m2, Biogas plant, Sportfield, Total 1992m2, with co-loko

In Construction

Rusinga Community Center

20 Compost Toilets

Library and PC Room


Žilina. Former veterinary institute and surrounding areas.

Office Building Drevicom




Offices, Veterinary Clinic, Retail, 16.000m2

Petržalka Center

Bratislava. Urban Planning. Central north-south main axis of the Petržalka City District of 158 000 inhab., with ISUURU / INTERURBANO

Competition 4th Place


Bardejov. Inner city development and Leisure, Shopping and Office Center integrating former regional telecomunication and post headquarter and relocating existing nursery, children's leisure center and othe facilities to the new localities, with AASS and INTERURBANO

Leisure, Shopping and Office Center

8777 m2, Budget: 8.252.968 Eur

Inner city development


Central Post Office

Post Office Public main hall in groundfloor, 700m2, Offices and the auxiliar facilities in 3rd floor, 600m2, Budget: 1.800.000



Competition 2nd Prize

Košice. Adaptation of Former Military barracks to Culture Center

Program: Exposition 5000m2, Incubator 7100m2, Congres and Exposition Centre 2800m2, Entry 200m2, Hotel 2000m2, Congres Centre 2200m2, Restaurants 800m2, Parking 4000m2, Offices 2300m2, Gallery 2600m2, Parking 3300m2, Restaurant 300m2, Offices 7000m2, Shops 100m2, Total 40000m2 and Landscape 35000m2

New School Chýně

New Primary School for 570 Children, the jury felt positively addressed by the structurality of the proposal and by the simplicity of the concept working with the scale and searching for a suitable expression for the school in such a township as Chýně. The chosen form of the pavilion school moreover allows for a consistent application of the cluster system for the classrooms, which the jury finds generally more favourable in comparison to the conventional corridor scheme and more suitable for the modern educational methods and development of the sense of community.

Competition Honourable mention


Competition 3rd Prize

Žilina. Inner city development, District Center Rudiny I, with AASS

Program: Housing, Retail, Office 60000 m2

SLLA Architects is a Bratislava based practice established in 2003 in Barcelona by Michal Sulo and Miriam Lišková. SLLA holds several awards in international architectural and urban competitions and is working in different geographical, social and cultural situations in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Kenya, our portfolio includes residential buildings, housing, educational buildings, offices, public buildings, feasibility studies, urban planning, urban design, interior design, currently is focusing on the regeneration of masshousing areas (projects Petržalka in Bratislava, Community Center Máj in České Budějovice, CEZAAR 2015 Architecture Award , Nomination for EU Mies van der Rohe Award 2017), public housing ( Siemensäcker in Vienna), development projects (Kenya). In cooperation with UN Habitat Safer Cities Programme, Faculty of Architecture Slovak University of Technology Bratislava, Centre of Urban Studies JKUAT Nairobi and ETSAM Madrid is currently organizing series of urban design workshops in Bratislava, Nairobi and Madrid. SLLA Architects is representing Slovakia in the selection of 37 European archtectural firms in the fourth edition of the Architects meet in Fuoribiennale event as part of the Venice 2016 Architecture Biennale , the project conceived by the cultural association AIAC (Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism) and the magazine A10 .

Miriam Lišková

Miriam Lišková is an architect, co-founder of SLLA Architects and development projects manager. She studied at Faculty of Architecture Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and the Ecole d'Architecture de Lyon .

Michal Sulo

Michal Sulo SKA, Nr. 2022 AA, ČKA, Nr. 164/2013, is an architect and urban designer, co-founder of SLLA Architects. He studied at Faculty of Architecture Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona and worked in Torresnadal Arquitecturas, on the occasion of the Congress of Union Internationale des Architectes in Barcelona he was awarded by the Consejo Superior de los Colegios de Arquitectos de Espana Pérez Piñero Prize for the project Housing and Public Space El Raval, Barcelona.

Collaborators in Bratislava from 2008: Viki Sabadošová, Marian Dušinský, Lucia Kostrubová, Janka Koropecká, Peter Gajdarik, Tomáš Augustín, Peter Bláha, Erika Foltýnova, Zuzana Hatiarová, Miroslava Hettešová, Rasťo Granec, Ondrej Kurek, Igor Lauko, Kristína Šťastná, Andrej Tušan, Anna Cukorová, Marek Hlaváčik, Marek Marčan, Ján Sádovsky, Monika Mezsárosová.

Czech Architecture Award 2016

Panell Discussion 14.6.2016

Miriam Lišková, Martin-Rein Cano, Vladimír Sitta

Nomination Evening 14.6.2016

with Jury Members Miriam Lišková and Martin-Rein Cano

reSITE 2016: Cities in Migration

SLLA Presentation 16.6.2016

Miriam Lišková at reSITE

Michal Sulo at reSITE

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